Raw.Con 2019 – 7th Annual Researchers at Work National Conference

Religion in Cultural and Comparative Perspectives

February 26 – 28, 2019


The proposed conference is premised on the argument that the approaches to the study of religion and religious literature/culture have been largely dominated by Eurocentric epistemic practices, which delineated a Western post-enlightenment understanding of religion. As a corollary, the canonical narrative about pre-modern communities has long delegitimised most discourses from the global-south/orient. However, contemporary de-colonial thought has generated a renewed interest in various non-western religious communities and culture, also focusing on their civilizational claims. Interestingly, scholars like Cantwell Smith, Talal Asad and Timothy Fitzgerald have even questioned the notion of “religion” as it is a modern concept rooted in the Western context

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Abstracts of 300 words exploring the above-mentioned themes, and also extending them, may be sent to latest by 22nd January 2019. Selection of papers will be intimated by 31st January 2019 and full paper has to be submitted by 20th February 2019.