Theses and Dissertations

The following is the list of Theses and Dissertations submitted to the Centre for Comparative Literature along with the title of the work done and the name of the supervisor:
  1. Shaik Hussain (NH 4354/ 3119) Dr. A. Subba Rao, Dept. of English “Thomas Gray’s Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard and Joshua’s Samasanarati”
  2. M. G. Prasuna (OH 4995 / 5002) Dr. A. Subba Rao, Dept. of English “Charles Dickens Oliver Twist and Chilakamarti Lakshminarasimha’s Ramachandra Vijayaramu”
  3. R. P. Subrahmanya Sarma (OH 4997/ 5004) Dr. A. Subba Rao, Dept. of English “The Vicar of Wakefield and Rajasekhara Charitamu”
  4. M.Narsimha (91HCHL03) Dr. N. S. Raju, Dept. of Telugu “A Comparative Study of Matimanishi and the Good Earth”
  5. B. Moshe (92HCHL01) Dr. C. Anandalakshmi, Dept. of Telugu “A Comparative Study of R. K. Narayan’s The Financial Expert and Rachakonda Viswanatha Sastry’s Moodu Lathala Bangaramu”
  6. K. Sridhar (94HCHL01) Dr. Chitra Panikker, CALTS “Mythical Transformations in John Keats and Toru Dutt: A Comparison”
  7. K. Babu Rao (94HCHL05) Dr. Saratjyothsna Rani, Dept. of Telugu “A Comparative Study of Dostoevsky’s The Idiot and Gopichand’s Asamardhini Jeevithayatra”
  8. A. Srimahalakshmi (95HCHL01) Dr. K. Subrahmanyam, CALTS “Abhijnanasakuntala-Srngara Sakuntalam Tulanatmaka Pariseelana”
  9. P. V. Vijayalakshmi (95HCHL02) Dr. N. S. Raju, Dept. of Telugu A Comparative Study of Samudrapu Dibba and A Tale of Two Cities
  10. Ch. Nagabhushanam (95HCHL04) Dr. P. Ramanarasimham, Dept. of Telugu “A Comparative Study of Gurujada’s Madhuravani (Kanyasulkam) and Bernard Shaw’s Warren (Mrs. Warren’s Profession)”
  11. P. Kanakaiah (96HCHL03) Dr. P. Ramanarasimham, Dept of Telugu “Social concern in Vattikota Alwaraswamy’s Prajalamanishi and Pearl S. Buck’s The Good Earth. A Comparative Study.
  12. Saji Mathew (97HCHL01) Dr. Chitra Panikker, CALTS “Translation and Critical analysis of Anand’s Vyasanum Vighneswaranum.”
  13. Bommareddy Aruna (97HCHL02) Dr. Chitra Panikker, CALTS “The Image of the mother in Pearl Buck’s and Maxine Hong Kingstone’s Writings”
  14. Paramita Ghosh (2KHCHL03) Prof. Sudhakar Marathe Dept. of English “Adventure at the Threshold: A Comparative Study of Pioneering Representation of Girl – Women Protaganists in Bankimchandra Chatterjee and Richard Jefferies.
  15. Shalini Moolechalil (01HCHL01) Dr. Chitra Panikker, CALTS “Cultural Stereotypes in Primary School Text Books.”
  16. C. Lalawmpuia (01HCHL02) Prof. Panchanan Mohanty CALTS “Voices from the Hills: A Comparative Study of English Poetry of the North East vis-à-vis Indo-Anglian English Poetry.”
  17. Rajeswari Sengupta (02HCHL02) Dr. P. Shivarama Padikkal, CALTS, “Women’s Autobiographies: Imaginings of the Self.”
  18. Sreenath Muraleedharan K. (03HCHL02) Prof. Sudhakar Marathe Prof. P.R. Dadegaonkar “Attributes of the ‘Fool’ in Early English and Sanskrit Drama.”
  19. Kishore Kumar Reddy A. (04HCHL02) Dr. Sridhar M., Dept. of English, “A Comparative Study of G.V. Chalam’s Stree and Simone De Beauvoir’s The Second Sex.”
  20. B. Madhusudan Rao (04HCHL03) Dr. Aruna Kumari Dept. Telugu, “A Comparative Study of Gopichand’s Asmardhuni Jeevayatra and Somerset Maugham’s of Human Bondage.”
  21. Anuradha Goswami (05HCHL01) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee, CCL “Representation of Tribals in Assamese Novels”.
  22. Sreebitha P.V. (05HCHL03) Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC, CCL “Questions of Sexuality: A Critique of Lalithambika Antherjanam’s Select Writings”.
  23. P.C. Ancy Bay (05HCHL04) Dr. M.T. Ansari, CCL “Translating Modernity: Conversion and Caste in The Slayer Slain and Saraswathi Vijayam”.
  24. Praveen V. (05HCHL02) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee, CCL “Desires of the Child: A Study of Three Films”.
  25. Shyma P. (06HCHL02) Dr. M.T. Ansari, CCL “Contesting National and Cinematic Publics: Sreenivasan and Chintavishtayaya Shyamala.”
  26. Sivadithya R. (06HCHL03) Dr. J. Bheemaiah, CCL “Comparison of Versions of Uncle Tom’s Cabin Between Harriet Beecher Stowe and Ranganayakamma.”
  27. Ambili Anna Markose (07HCHL01) Dr. M.T. Ansari, CCL “Engendering Minority: A Study of narratives on Syrian Christian Migration 1920-1970.”
  28. Vamshi Krishna Reddy V. (06HCHL05) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee, CCL “Ram Gopal Varma’s Films: A Critical Study.”
  29. Ajith Kumar Puthukkudi (07HCHL06) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee, CCL “Speaking for the Subaltern: A Comparative Reading of the works of Mahasweta Devi, K.J. Baby, and G.N. Devy.”
  30. Bidyut Bhusan Jena (07HCHL05) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee, CCL “A Comparative Study of T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land, Guruprasad Mohanty’s “Kalapurasa” and Jnanendra Burma’s Podabhuin.”
  31. Manila P.M. (06HCHL06) Dr. M.T. Ansari, CCL “Social Selves: A Comparative Study of Personal Narratives by Pokkudan and Janu.”
  32. Mukuta Borah (07HCHL03) Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC, CCL “Translating ‘Terrorism’: Analyzing Violence in The Select Works of Arupa P. Kalita.”
  33. Rayala Sudharshan Kumar (07HCHL04) Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC, CCL “Reflections on Representations in Lagaan (2001) and Chak De India (2007).”
  34. Bala Sunkanna Mallepogu (06HCHL07) Dr. J. Bheemaiah, CCL “Dalit Relationships in the Institutionalised Religion of Hinduism: A Comparative Study of Vallabhi and Chennur Villages in Andhra Pradesh.”
  35. Aparna Nandakumar (08HCHL11) Dr. M.T. Ansari, CCL “Nostalgia for Nostalgia”: A Study of Campus Films of Keralam.”
  36. Jananie K.(07HCHL02) Dr. M.T. Ansari, CCL “Doubletake: Hero and Sidekick in S. Shankar’s Tamil Films and Productions.”
  37. Salma Ashraf (08HCHL04) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee, CCL “Women Poets of Kashmir: A Comparative Study.”
  38. Viju Kurian (08HCHL03) Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC, CCL “Self-Help Literature: The Text and the Phenomenon.”
  39. Rathan Kumar N. (08HCHL01) Dr. Bheemaiah, CCL “Stream of Consciousness in James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Naveen’s Ampashayya: A Comparative Study.”
  40. Kamble Omprakash Manikrao (08HCHL07) Dr. Bheemaiah, CCL “Protest in Sharankumar Limbale’s Akkarmashi and Baby Kamble’s Jina Amucha: A Comparative Study of Marathi Dalit Autobiographies.”
  41. Devi G. (08HCHL08) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee, CCL “Dance as Discourse: Revisiting the Performances of Gollakalapam and Theyyam.”
  42. Thongam Bipin Singh (08HCHL06) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee, CCL “Narrativising Region Through Manipuri Theatre: Identity Politics in the Plays of Heisnam Kanhailal, Ratan Thiyam and Lokendro Arambam.”
  43. Sentinaro (08HCHL12) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee, CCL “Nagaland Newspapers (2003-2008): Representing Naga Society and Culture.”
  44. Sheeba N. K. (08HCHL05) Dr. M.T. Ansari, CCL “From ‘Home’ Land to ‘Real’ Land: A Study of the Transformation of Land in Malayalam Literature”
  45. Arjaiah Mungamuri (08HCHL09) Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC, CCL “Moving Frames: Yandamoori Veerendranath’s Novels into the Screen.”
  46. M. Rajasekharam (08HCHL02) Dr. M.T. Ansari, CCL “Framing Foucault: A Study of Certain Aspects.”
  47. Barath Nataraj (09HCHL03) Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC, CCL “Looking through Literatures: A Critique of Dravidian Movement and Politics in Tamil Nadu.”
  48. Dickens Leonard M. (09HCHL04) Dr. M.T. Ansari, CCL “Con-Scripts of Cinema: Caste and Criminal Spaces in Select Contemporary Tamil Films.”
  49. Amrit Amlan Pattanaik (08HCHL10) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee Co-Supervisor:(English Dept.)Prof. Sachidananda Mohanty “Oriya Cinema: A Reflection of Social Cultural Milieu: Debating Trends and Issues”
  50. Aditi Nigam (10HCHL11) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee “Tracing the Development of Bharatanatyam through Natyashastra and the Paintings in the Brihadisvara Temple, Thanjavur.”
  51. Zamir Ahmad Butt (09HCHL01) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee “Changing Image of Kashmir in Hindi Films.”
  52. Varsha K.(10HCHL08) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee “Kannaki as a Dominant Woman: A Reading From Keralam.”
  53. Kuruvella Babushankar Rao (10HCHL06) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee Co-Supervisor: Dr. J. Bheemaiah “Voicing Cultural and/or Historical Silences in Sally Morgan’s My Place and G. Kalyanrao’s Antarani Vasantham.”
  54. Sreejith Varma R. (10HCHL02) Dr. M.T. Ansari, CCL “A Place not Mentioned Before: A Translation of Appu Nedungadi’s Kundalatha (1887)
  55. Rose Merin (09HCHL06) Dr. M.T. Ansari, CCL Co-Supervisor: Prof. Ananthakrishnan “Politics of Performance: Contemporary Issues of Gender and Community in Mohiniyattam.”
  56. Anna George (10HCHL04) Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC “Deciphering Culinary Traditions: A Study of Representations of Food in Select Works of Sarah Joseph.”
  57. Bivitha Easo (10HCHL03) Dr. M.T. Ansari “Childhood Under Construction: Children’s Literature and Curricula in Contemporary Kerala.”
  58. Sano Koza (10HCHL10) Dr. J. Bheemaiah “A Comparative Reading of Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart and Easterine Iralu’s A Naga Village Remembered.”
  59. Maram Subbaraju (09HCHL07) Dr. J. Bheemaiah “Exploring Socio-Cultural Perspective in Telugu Dalit Short Stories by Kolakaluri Enoch and Pulikanti Krishna Reddy: A Comparative Study.”
  60. Sayantan Mondal (11HCHL05) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee “Postcolonialism, Stagnancy and Possible Redemption: A Study of Early Postcolonial Writings.”
  61. Md Intaj Ali (11HCHL02) Dr. Nandini Bhattacharya “Revisiting and Reinterpreting Baul in the Contemporary Context.”
  62. Abdul Jaleel M. (10HCHL01) Dr. M.T. Ansari “Giving Birth to Myself: A Study of C.Ayyappan’s Short Stories”