Theses and Dissertations

M.Phil. Degrees Awarded

S.No Name of the Student Name of the Supervisor Topic Marks Obt. / C.G.P.A (Divn.)
1 Shaik Hussain

(NH 4354/ 3119)

Dr. A. Subba Rao,

Dept. of English

Thomas Gray’s Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard and Joshua’s Samasanarati (I )
2 M. G. Prasuna

(OH 4995 / 5002)

Dr. A. Subba Rao,

Dept. of English

Charles Dickens Oliver Twist and Chilakamarti Lakshminarasimha’s Ramachandra Vijayaramu (I )
3 R. P. Subrahmanya Sarma (OH 4997/ 5004) Dr. A. Subba Rao,

Dept. of English

The Vicar of Wakefield and Rajasekhara Charitamu (II)
4 M.Narsimha


Dr. N. S. Raju,

Dept. of Telugu

A Comparative Study of Matimanishi and the Good Earth (I )
5 B. Moshe


Dr. C. Anandalakshmi,

Dept. of Telugu

A Comparative Study of R. K. Narayan’s The Financial Expert and Rachakonda Viswanatha Sastry’s Moodu Lathala Bangaramu (II)
6 K. Sridhar (94HCHL01) Dr. Chitra Panikker, CALTS Mythical Transformations in John Keats and Toru Dutt: A Comparison (I )
7 K. Babu Rao (94HCHL05) Dr. Saratjyothsna Rani,

Dept. of Telugu

A Comparative Study of Dostoevsky’s The Idiot and Gopichand’s Asamardhini Jeevithayatra (I )
8 A.    Srimahalakshmi


Dr. K. Subrahmanyam, CALTS Abhijnanasakuntala-Srngara Sakuntalam Tulanatmaka Pariseelana (I )
9 P. V. Vijayalakshmi


Dr. N. S. Raju, Dept. of Telugu A Comparative Study of Samudrapu Dibba and A Tale of Two Cities (I )
10 Ch. Nagabhushanam


Dr. P. Ramanarasimham,

Dept. of Telugu

A Comparative Study of Gurujada’s Madhuravani (Kanyasulkam) and Bernard Shaw’s Warren (Mrs. Warren’s Profession) (I )
11 P. Kanakaiah


Dr. P. Ramanarasimham,

Dept of Telugu

Social concern in Vattikota Alwaraswamy’s Prajalamanishi and Pearl S. Buck’s The Good Earth. A Comparative Study. (I )
12 Saji Mathew


Dr. Chitra Panikker, CALTS Translation and Critical analysis of Anand’s Vyasanum Vighneswaranum. (I )
13 Bommareddy Aruna


Dr. Chitra Panikker, CALTS The Image of the mother in Pearl Buck’s and Maxine Hong Kingstone’s writings (I )
14 Paramita Ghosh


Prof. Sudhakar Marathe

Dept. of English

Adventure at the Threshold: A Comparative Study of Pioneering Representation of Girl – Women Protaganists in Bankimchandra Chatterjee and Richard Jefferies. (I )
15 Shalini Moolechalil


Dr. Chitra Panikker, CALTS “Cultural Stereotypes in Primary School Text Books.” (I )
16 C. Lalawmpuia


Prof. Panchanan Mohanty


“Voices from the Hills: A Comparative Study of English Poetry of the North East vis-à-vis Indo-Anglian English Poetry.” (I )
17 Rajeswari Sengupta (02HCHL02) Dr. P. Shivarama Padikkal, CALTS, UoH. “Women’s Autobiographies: Imaginings of the Self.” (I )
18 Sreenath Muraleedharan K. (03HCHL02) Prof. Sudhakar Marathe Prof. P.R. Dadegaonkar “Attributes of the ‘Fool’ in Early English and Sanskrit Drama.” (I )
19 Kishore Kumar Reddy A.


Dr. Sridhar M., Dept. of English, UoH. “A Comparative Study of G.V. Chalam’s Stree and Simone De Beauvoir’s The Second Sex.” 8.5 (I D)
20 B. Madhusudan Rao (04HCHL03) Dr. Aruna Kumari Dept. Telugu, UoH. “A Comparative Study of Gopichand’s Asmardhuni Jeevayatra and Somerset Maugham’s of Human Bondage.” 7.88  (I )
21 Anuradha Goswami


Prof. Tutun Mukherjee, CCL “Representation of Tribals in Assamese Novels”. 8.63 (I D)
22 Sreebitha P.V.


Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC, CCL “Questions of Sexuality: A Critique of Lalithambika Antherjanam’s Select Writings”. 8.63 (I D)
23 P.C. Ancy Bay (05HCHL04) Dr. M.T. Ansari, CCL “Translating Modernity: Conversion and Caste in The Slayer Slain and Saraswathi Vijayam”. 8.25 (I D)
24 Praveen V. (05HCHL02) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee, “Desires of the Child: A Study of Three Films”. 7.00 (I )
25 Shyma P.


Dr. M.T. Ansari, CCL Contesting National and Cinematic Publics: Sreenivasan and Chintavishtayaya Shyamala.” 9.88 (I D)
26 Sivadithya R.


Dr. J. Bheemaiah, CCL “Comparison of Versions of Uncle Tom’s Cabin Between Harriet Beecher Stowe and Ranganayakamma.” 6.75 (I )
27 Ambili Anna Markose (07HCHL01) Dr. M.T. Ansari, CCL “Engendering Minority: A Study of narratives on Syrian Christian Migration 1920-1970.” 9.13 (I D)
28 Vamshi Krishna Reddy V. (06HCHL05) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee, CCL “Ram Gopal Varma’s Films: A Critical Study.” 8.88 (I D)
29 Ajith Kumar Puthukkudi (07HCHL06) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee, CCL “Speaking for the Subaltern: A Comparative Reading of the works of Mahasweta Devi, K.J. Baby, and G.N. Devy.” 8.13 (I D)
30 Bidyut Bhusan Jena  (07HCHL05) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee, CCL “A Comparative Study of T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land, Guruprasad Mohanty’s “Kalapurasa” and Jnanendra Burma’s Podabhuin.” 8.13 (I D)
31 Manila P.M. (06HCHL06) Dr. M.T. Ansari, CCL “Social Selves: A Comparative Study of Personal Narratives by Pokkudan and Janu.” 8.00 (I D)
32 Mukuta Borah (07HCHL03) Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC, CCL “Translating ‘Terrorism’: Analyzing Violence in The Select Works of Arupa P. Kalita.” 7.63 ( I )
33 Rayala Sudharshan Kumar (07HCHL04) Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC, CCL “Reflections on Representations in Lagaan (2001) and Chak De India (2007).” 7.13 ( I )
34 Bala Sunkanna Mallepogu


Dr. J. Bheemaiah, CCL


“Dalit Relationships in the Institutionalised Religion of Hinduism:  A Comparative Study of Vallabhi and Chennur Villages in Andhra Pradesh.” 6.63 ( I )
35 Aparna Nandakumar (08HCHL11) Dr. M.T. Ansari, CCL “Nostalgia for Nostalgia”: A Study of Campus Films of Keralam.” 9.25 (I D)
36 Jananie K.(07HCHL02) Dr. M.T. Ansari, CCL “Doubletake: Hero and Sidekick in S. Shankar’s Tamil Films and Productions.” 9.00 (I D)
37 Salma Ashraf (08HCHL04)  Prof. Tutun Mukherjee, CCL “Women Poets of Kashmir: A Comparative Study.” 8.75 (I D)
38 Viju Kurian (08HCHL03) Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC, CCL “Self-Help Literature: The Text and the Phenomenon.” 8.75 (I D)
39 Rathan Kumar N.


Dr. Bheemaiah, CCL “Stream of Consciousness in James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Naveen’s Ampashayya: A Comparative Study.” 8.50 (I D)


40 Kamble Omprakash Manikrao (08HCHL07) Dr. Bheemaiah, CCL “Protest in Sharankumar Limbale’s Akkarmashi and Baby Kamble’s Jina Amucha: A Comparative Study of Marathi Dalit Autobiographies.” 7.88 ( I )
41 Devi  G. (08HCHL08) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee, CCL “Dance as Discourse: Revisiting the Performances of Gollakalapam and Theyyam. 7.75 ( I )
42 Thongam Bipin Singh


Prof. Tutun Mukherjee, CCL “Narrativising Region Through Manipuri Theatre: Identity Politics in the Plays of Heisnam Kanhailal, Ratan Thiyam and Lokendro Arambam.” 8.50 (I D)
43 Sentinaro (08HCHL12) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee, CCL “Nagaland Newspapers (2003-2008): Representing Naga Society and Culture.” 8.63 (I D)
44 Sheeba N. K.


Dr. M.T. Ansari, CCL “From ‘Home’ Land to ‘Real’ Land: A Study of the Transformation of Land in Malayalam Literature”


9.00 (I D)
45 Arjaiah Mungamuri (08HCHL09) Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC, CCL “Moving Frames: Yandamoori Veerendranath’s Novels into the Screen.” 6.25 ( II )
46 M. Rajasekharam


Dr. M.T. Ansari, CCL


“Framing Foucault: A Study of Certain Aspects.” 8.38 (I D)


47 Barath Nataraj (09HCHL03) Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC, CCL “Looking through Literatures: A Critique of Dravidian Movement and Politics in Tamil Nadu.” 8.75 (I D)
48 Dickens Leonard M.


Dr. M.T. Ansari, CCL “Con-Scripts of Cinema: Caste and Criminal Spaces in Select Contemporary Tamil Films.” 9.88 (I D)
49 Amrit Amlan Pattanaik (08HCHL10) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee

Co-Supervisor: Prof. Sachidananda Mohanty

“Oriya Cinema: A Reflection of Social Cultural Milieu: Debating Trends and Issues” 8.50 (I D)


50 Aditi Nigam (10HCHL11) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee


“Tracing the Development of Bharatanatyam through Natyashastra and the Paintings in the Brihadisvara Temple, Thanjavur.” 8.00 (I D)


Zamir Ahmad Butt


Prof. Tutun Mukherjee


“Changing Image of Kashmir in Hindi Films.” 8.13 (I D)
52 Varsha K.(10HCHL08) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee “Kannaki as a Dominant Woman: A Reading From Keralam.” 7.25 ( I )
53 Kuruvella Babushankar Rao (10HCHL06) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee


Dr. J. Bheemaiah

“Voicing Cultural and/or Historical Silences in Sally Morgan’s My Place and G. Kalyanrao’s Antarani Vasantham. 7.63 ( I )
54 Sreejith Varma R.


Dr. M.T. Ansari, CCL “A Place not Mentioned Before: A Translation of Appu Nedungadi’s Kundalatha (1887) 7.25 ( I )
55 Rose Merin (09HCHL06) Dr. M.T. Ansari, CCL


Prof. Ananthakrishnan

“Politics of Performance: Contemporary Issues of Gender and Community in Mohiniyattam.” 8.13 (I D)
56 Anna George (10HCHL04) Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC “Deciphering Culinary Traditions: A Study of Representations of Food in Select Works of Sarah Joseph.” 9.13 (I D)
57  Bivitha Easo


Dr. M.T. Ansari “Childhood Under Construction: Children’s Literature and Curricula in Contemporary Kerala.” 9.25 (I D)
58 Sano Koza


Dr. J. Bheemaiah “A Comparative Reading of Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart and Easterine Iralu’s A Naga Village Remembered.” 7.38 ( I )
59 Maram Subbaraju


Dr. J. Bheemaiah “Exploring Socio-Cultural Perspective in Telugu Dalit Short Stories by Kolakaluri Enoch and Pulikanti Krishna Reddy: A Comparative Study.” 7.13 ( I )
60 Sayantan Mondal


Prof. Tutun Mukherjee Postcolonialism, Stagnancy and Possible Redemption: A Study of Early Postcolonial Writings.” 9.25 (I D)
61 Md Intaj Ali


Dr. Nandini Bhattacharya “Revisiting and Reinterpreting Baul in the Contemporary Context.” 7.13 ( I )
62 Abdul Jaleel M.


Dr. M.T. Ansari “Giving Birth to Myself: A Study of C.Ayyappan’s Short Stories” 7.88 ( I )
63 Sumathi N.


Prof. Tutun Mukherjee “Translations and Adaptations of Western Texts in Indian Theatre: A Selected Study” 9.38 (I D)
64 Manju E.P.


Prof. M.T. Ansari “Representing the Other: Construction of Tamil Identity in Malayalam Cinema.” 8.63 (I D)
65 Ravi Babu Merugu


Dr. J. Bheemaiah “A Study of Imagery in the Folk Songs of Dalits with Special Reference to West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh.” 7.88 ( I )
66 Soumya Sajan


Prof. M.T. Ansari ““Missionary Education and Modernity in Vidyasamgraham, 1864-66.” 7.50 ( I )
67 Balaji Garikapati


Dr. J. Bheemaiah “Small Rebellions: A Comparative Study of Tamil and Telugu Select Short Stories.” 6.50 ( I )
68 Ditty Suresh


Prof. M.T. Ansari “A Comparative Study of Malayalam Folk and Fusion Folk Music in Media Spaces.” 7.25 ( I )
69 Samik Malla


Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC “Imperial Erotica: Occidental Myths of Oriental Tales in Colonial Calcutta.” 9.75 (I D)
70 Hakani Sae Paia Laloo (12HCHL01)  Dr. Sowmya Dechamma “Revisiting Khasi Folktales: Aspects of Culture, Politics and Resistance” 8.13 (I D)
71 R. Vennela


Dr. Sowmya Dechamma “Modernity and Nationalism during the Formation of Andhra Pradesh: A Study of Andhra Patrika.” 9.25 (I D)
72 Soma Brahma


Prof. Tutun Mukherjee “Modern Indian Aesthetics: Perspectives from Bengal.” 9.63 (I D)
73 Krishnapriya S.


Dr. Joly Puthussery “Visual Orientation in Kerala Theatre: An Analysis Based on the Practices of Contemporary Theatre Directors” 9.88 (I D)
74 Bestin Samuel


Dr. Sowmya Dechamma “Canvassing Children: A Study of Child-Nature Relationships in Children’s Paintings.” 9.00 (I D)
75 Neethu Prasad (13HCHL01) Prof. M.T. Ansari “Partition in Malayalam Narratives: A Study of P. Kesavadev’s Bhranthalayam and “Gusthi” 8.88 (I D)
76 Samseer M.


Prof. M.T. Ansari “Reconstituting the Pravasi: Discourse around the Malayali Gulf Migrant.”


8.00 (I D)
77 Chilkhe Ganesh Nagorao


Dr. J. Bheemaiah “Space and Psychology: A Comparative Study of ‘Lesbian Existence’ in Select Indian and Canadian Fiction.” 8.63 (I D)
78 Sandeep K.(13HCHL07) Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC “Revisiting the Concept of ‘Subaltern Consciousness’: A Study of Narayan’s Thiraskrutharute Nale. 8.88 (I D)
79 Priya Vijay (12HCHL06) Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC “Integrating Visual Literacy in School Curricula Through Multimodal Texts: A Case Study of Graphic Stories.” 8.00 (I D)
80 Soumita Das (13HCHL08) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee “Re-working of Hindu Myths in Popular Discourse” 8.63 (I D)
81 Lakshmi P. (12HCHL09) Prof. M.T. Ansari “Sambasivan’s Kathaprasangam: A Study of Select Performances” 7.63 ( I )
82 Kiran Kumar Boddu (13HCHL17) Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC “Writing Gender and Caste: A Study of Nalla Regati Sallu and Nene Balaani 7.75 ( I )
83 Rhelo Kenye (13HCHL15) Dr. J. Bheemaiah “Politics of Naga Identity: A Comparative Study of Select Texts.” 8.50 (I D)


84 Vahini Billu (13HCHL19) Dr. J. Bheemaiah Yanadi Life in Telugu Fiction: A Comparative Study of Ennela Navvu and Chivari Gudise 7.75 ( I )
85 Gankhu Sumnyan


Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC Chaasi, Kapa and Lellun Songs: Oral Traditions of a Nocte Village”. 8.38 (I D)


86 Hem Raj (13HCHL12) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee “Comparative Literature as being Taught in India Today: A Case Study” 8.88 (I D)
87 Diwakar Kumar Upadhyay (13HCHL09) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee “Gorakh Pandey: A Cultural Legacy of Naxal Movement: Study of his Selected Writings.” 8.25 (I D)


Nidheesh S. (13HCHL10) Dr. J. Bheemaiah “Humanizing God: A Comparative Study of Friedrich Nietzsche’s Ubermensch and Sri Aurobindo’s Superman.” 7.75 ( I )
89 Suman Banerjee (13HCHL14) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee “Generational Narratives as History: A Study of Samaresh Majumdar’s Uttaraadhikaar (1979)-Kaalbela (1983)-Kaalpurush (1985)” 9.13 (I D)
90 Vinita Teresa (13HCHL02) Prof. M.T. Ansari “Popular Humour and Malayalee Public Sphere: A Study of the Comedy Show Cinemala” 9.50 (I D)
91 Haritha R. (14HCHL02) Dr. J. Bheemaiah “Moulding the Child into “Modern” Adult: The Role of Eureka in Propagating Western Science in Kerala” 8.00 (I D)
92 Thahir Jamal KM (14HCHL07) Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC “Transformation of Muslim Political Subjectivity: Madhyamam Daily from 1987 to 1993” 8.63 (ID)
93 Saidul Haque (14HCHL04) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee “Tracing Culture History of Adda” 9.13 (I D)
94 Yoonus K. (14HCHL09) Dr. J. Bheemaiah “Conditioning Responses and Framing the Memory: A Study of 9/11” 7.13 ( I )
95 Imchanola Tzudir (13HCHL11) Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC “Language Hierarchies and Cultural Politics: A look at the Standardization of Chungli as Ao” 7.75 ( I )
96 Shriya Sharma (13HCHL18) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee “Portrayal of Transgender in Indian Literature : A Study of Some Selected Texts” 7.88 ( I )
97 Thingminao Horam (14HCHL01) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee “An Ecofeminist Appraisal of  Select Tangkhul Folktales” 7.75 ( I )
98 Gayathri M. (14HCHL03) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee “Intertextuality in and as Translation: A Comparative Study of Anand’s Vyaasanum Vighneswaranum and Samharathinte Pusthakam” 9.00 (I D)
99 Donel Varghese (14HCHL05) Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC The Resurgence of the Church in the Public: A Study of Pastoral Letters of the Syro-Malabar Church during 1993-2013 ” 8.38 (I D)
100 Amer Ali Dahham Wateefi


Prof. Tutun Mukherjee “Homogeneity in Iraq: A Study of some Issues as Found in the Representative Literature of Different Ethnic Communities.” 6.50 ( I )
101 Aloysius Sebastian (15HCHL06) Dr. J. Bheemaiah “Chandamama: Comics, Representation and Cultural Politics” 8.75 (I D)
102 Resmi Balakrishnan P (15HCHL09) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee “Through Narratives and Readers: A Study of Literature, Media and Online Games.” 8.62 (I D)
103 Chitra Asok


Prof. Tutun Mukherjee “Contesting the Public and Private Spheres in Namboodiri Autobiography” 7.63( I )
104 Anju Upendran  (15HCHL03)    30.10.2017 Prof. M.T. Ansari “The Subaltern Speaking: Contextualizing the dissent in Muthappan Theyyam.” 8.38 (I D)
105 Sharon Rose (16HCHL07)


Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC “Malabar Migration and the Gendered Christian Identity: A Study of Girideepam (1961-1971).” 9.00 (I D)
106 Safvan PT (15HCHL11)


Dr. J. Bheemaiah “Father-Figure in Matriliny: A Study of Two Malayalam Novels; Indulekha (1889) and Naalukettu (1958).” 8.50 (I D)
107 Manganleibi Loktongbam (16HCHL09) 24.04.2018 Dr. J. Bheemaiah “Construction of Gender Identity in Meetei Folktales.” 8.75 (I D)
108 Shwetha Elsalouis (15HCHL02)24.04.2018 Prof. M.T. Ansari “Small Men in the Big World: G. Aravindan’s Depiction of the Modern Kerala Public Sphere.” 8.88 (I D)
109 Reema K. (16HCHL06)


Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC “Reading Representations: Kammalas in the Malayalam Cinema of the 1990s.” 9.00 (I D)
110 Aritra Saha (16HCHL02)


Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC “Analyzing the Socio-Political Dimensions of Sex Work through Representations in Narratives” 8.88 (I D)
111 Mahadeva Swamy N N (15HCHL10) 05.07.2018 Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC “Representation of Tipu Sultan in Select Kannada Plays.” 7.00 ( I )
112 Lakshmi K T P (16HCHL08) 05.07.2018 Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC “Disability, Identity and Justice: The Case of Abdul Nasser Madani” 8.63 (I D)
113 Muhammed Shah S.


Prof. M.T. Ansari “Disobedience and Sovereignty: Ontology of the Political in the Writings of Maulana Maududi.” 8.38 (I D)
114 Hakeem P.V. (16HCHL03)


Prof. M.T. Ansari “Mapping Muslim Geographies: A Spatial Reading of Ponnani, Kerala.” 8.88 (I D)


Ph.D Degrees Awarded

S.No Name of the Student

Reg. No.

Name of the Supervisor Topic Awarded
1 Dasari Prabhakara Rao(5243) 26.07.1991 Dr. P. Ramanarasimham,Dept. of Telugu Jashuva-Ravindrala Kavitwa Tatwa Visleshana Tulanatmaka Adhyayanam Awarded
2 P. Kanakaiah (1998-99) Prof. P. Ramanarasimham, Dept. of Telugu Dalit Problems in Dr. Keshava Reddy and Dr. S. L. Bhairappa’s Novels:A Comparative Study Awarded
3 Mr. Saji Mathew (98HCPH02) Dr. Chitra Panikkar, CALTS, UoH The Construct of the Nation in Modern Malayalam Fiction and Indian Writing in English. (1970-1990) Awarded
Ms. Aruna Bommareddy (Reg.No. 98HCPH04) Dr. Chitra Panikkar, CALTS, UoH “The Problematics of “Region” in the Regional Novel.” Awarded
4 S. Chandrakiran (98HCPH07) Prof. N.S. Raju,Dept. of Telugu, UoH Shripada and Masti Kathalu – Tulanatmaka Pariseelana Awarded
5 K. Padmavathi Bai (2KHCPH04) Prof. P. Ramanarasimham Dept. of Telugu, UoH Telugu Samethalu-Banjara Samethalu- Tulanatmaka Pariseelana Awarded
6 Shashikantha K.(99HCPH04) Dr. Chitra Panikkar, CALTS, UoH “The Re-inventing of Dasa Sahitya: Literature and Music in the 20th Century Karnataka”. Awarded
7 Binu Zachariah (2K HCPH01) Dr. Chitra Panikkar “Twentieth Century Fictional Characterizations of Christ Across Cultures” Awarded
8 Desu Satyanarayana(2K HCPH02) Prof. Shashi Mudiraj
9 P. Varija Rani(2kHCPH05) Prof. M. Veerabhadraiah,Dept. of Telugu Telugu Samskruta Kavyallo Prakriya Bhedamto Vachina Oke Itivrutta Kavyala Adhyayanam Awarded
10 Karri Sanjeeva Rao (01HCPH01) Prof. Parimi Ramanarasimham “Telugu – Marathi Dalitha Kavitvam Tulanatmaka Pariseelana”. Awarded
11 K. Krishnamurthy(99HCPH01) Prof. Ranganathacharyulu K.K. “The Influence of English Romanticism on Telugu Poets”. Awarded
12 Anees Taher Mohammed Al-Absi  (05HCPH01) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee “American Orientalist Construction of the Middle East: A Continuing and Productive Legacy.” Awarded
13 P. Rohith ( 03HCPH01) Prof. Narayana Chandran “The Silent Valley and its Discontents: Literary Environmentalism and the Ecological Discourse in Kerala (1975 – 1984).” Awarded
14 Shalini Moolechalil(02HCPH02) Dr. Chitra Panikkar “The Conflation of Public and Private Spheres into ‘Womanspace’ in Sarah Joseph’s Writings: Through Histories of Women – Writing.” Awarded
15 Mansoor Mohammed Al-Gabali (06HCPH02) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee “Arab-American Literature: The Question of Identity, Cultural Negotiation and other Major Themes in the Literary Works of Arab-American Women Writers.” Awarded
16 Ali Kasem Ahmed Mosa (04HCPH01) Prof. Padmakar Dadegaonkar “Cultural Practices in Oral Literature, A Case Study of Yemeni Arabic and American Proverbs.” Awarded
17 Mohammed Abdullah Hizabr (04HCPH02) Dr. M.T. Ansari “A Comparative Study of Arabic and English Modernisms, with Special Reference to the Poetry of Al-Sayyab and Abd Al Sabur.” Awarded(14-09-11)
18 Vikram Singh Thakur(07HCPH05) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee “Performing Shakespeare in India: Adaptations and Appropriations” Awarded
19 Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Ghaleb (08HCPH03) Dr. M.T. Ansari “Reconciliations: A Study of Inter-Cultural Negotiations in Tawfiq Al-Hakim’s Plays” Awarded(20-04-12)
20  Mehdi Rahimi(08HCPH05) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee “Understanding the Structures and Patterns of an Epic: A Comparative Study of the Ramayana and Shah Nameh.” Awarded
21 Anees Mohammed Ahmed Al-Najjar (08HCPH04) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee “Transcendentalism and its Influence on Early Arab-American Poets.” Awarded(May, 2013)
22 Praveen Veluvolu(06HCPH03) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee “Making the Most of Childhood: Representation of the Child in Indian Films: A Selected Study.” Awarded(Aug, 2013)
23 Sreebitha P V(07HCPH04) Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC “The Making of ‘Ezhava’: Caste, Communities and Gender among North Malabar Thiyyas and Thiruvithamkoor Ezhavas” Awarded(Oct, 2013)
24 Shyma P. (08HCPH01) Prof. M.T. Ansari “Nostalgias of the North: Malabar and the Popular in Malayalam Cinema.” Awarded(21-01-14)
25 Konda Ravi(99HCPH03) Prof. G. Aruna Kumari “Arnold Light of Asia- Thirupathi Venkata Kavula Buddha Charitramu: Comparative Study.” Awarded(Jan, 2014)
26 K. Sreenath Muraleedharan (05HCPH02) Prof. M.T. Ansari “Community and History in Early Narratives of Kerala: Tuhfat Al-Mujahidin (1583) and Varttamanappustakam (1785)” Awarded(27-01-14)
27 B. Sudhakar (01HCPH02) Prof. P. Ramanarasimham “A Comparative Study of the Short Stories of Karunakumara and Rangeya Raghava.” Awarded(Jan, 2014)
28 V. Vamshi Krishna Reddy (09HCPH03) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee “Cinema and Politics in Andhra Pradesh.” Awarded(May, 2014)
29 Salma Ashraf (09HCPH06) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee “Contemporary Short Fiction from Kashmir: A Comparative Study of Three Women Writers” Awarded(Aug, 2014)
30 Areevidu Kishore Kumar Reddy (05HCPH04) Prof. M.T. Ansari “Duty, Discipline and Devotion: The Ascetic Ideal and Indian Nationalist Discourse.” Awarded(08-09-14)
31 Karri Syamala (03HCPH02) Prof. M. Sridhar “Women’s Poetry in Telugu, 1900-1950: A Comparative Study of text and Context.” Awarded(Oct, 2014)
32 Mrinmoy Pramanick (10HCPH05) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee “Translation and Imagination of Indian and World Literature: Towards a Historiography of Translation” Awarded(Nov, 2015)
33 Rathan Kumar Namtabad(10HCPH04) Dr. J. Bheemaiah “Dalit Life in Telugu Fiction: A Comparative Study of Selected Texts by Dalit and Non-Dalit Writers” Awarded(Nov, 2015)
34 Chekuri Ramesh (99HCPH02) Dr. J. Bheemaiah “A Feminist Reading of the Select Novels of Kamala Markandaya and Volga: A Comparative Study” Awarded(Oct, 2016)
35 Anuradha Goswami(07HCPH02) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee “The Woman Question: Emergence of Women’s Writing in Assam, Women’s Journal and Women’s Organisations” Awarded(May, 2017)
36 Abu Saleh (11HCPH06) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee “Politics of Representation: A Historical and Cultural Reading of Thuggee Awarded(April, 2017)
37 Pragyan Padmaja Behera (11HCPH08) 30.08.2017 Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC “Constructing Childhoods: Children and Nation in Odia Children’s Magazines 1960-1990” Awarded(30.08.17)
38 Yogitha S. (11HCPH01)09.03.2018 Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC “Recast (e)ing the ‘Heroes’: Memory, Identity and Koti-Chennaya Publics in Tulunad.” Awarded(02.03.18)
39 Thongam Bipin Singh(10HCPH01) 19.04.2018 Prof. M.T. Ansari “Revivalism and/as Resistance: The Meetei Movement in the Twentieth Century” Awarded(06.04.18)
40 Dickens Leonard M. (11HCPH02)02.05.2018 Prof. M.T. Ansari “Caste-less Community: Iyothee Thass (1845-1914) and Tamil Buddhism” Awarded (26.04.18)
41 Ancy Bay P C(07HCPH03) 17.08.2018 Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC “Painkili Renditions: Writers, Readership and the Culture(s) of Popular Literature in Modern Malayalam” Awarded(01.08.18)
42 Elwin Susan John (11HCPH10) 19.09.2018 Prof. M.T. Ansari “Skin Cultures: Reconfigurations of the Body through Narratives” Awarded(17.09.18)
43 Ambili Anna Markose


Prof. M.T. Ansari “Performing Religion: Visual Publics and Christianity in Kerala” Awarded(25.10.18)
44 Barath Nataraj(10HCPH06) Dr. Sowmya Dechamma CC “Making of Tamizhan–Print World and the Emergence of Parayar Consciousness: A Study of Iyothee Thass Writings” Awarded (13.11.18)
45 Md Intaj Ali (12HCPH05) Dr. J. Bheemaiah “Tradition of Storytelling in Radh Bengal: A Study of Oral and Visual Art Forms” Submitted
46 Sayantan Mondal (12HCPH01) Prof. Tutun Mukherjee “Transformations in Bangla Literature and its Public Life: A Comparative Study of Public Sphere in Colonial Bengal” Submitted